UX Case Study
Project Overview
Budding fitness instructors often struggle to build followings and communicate with their individual clients in a streamlined manner while building a motivating community of clients. The goal of Motiva was to give instructors a place to communicate with clients as well as a safe and clean space to rent areas to teach the classes without having to establish their own brick and mortar.  The solution includes an app to allow the coaches to cpmmunicate with clients in a streamlined manner as well as connect coaches and clients who would be a good fit based on client goals and needs. The phone app branches into apple watched interfaces to allow a personalized notfication system between coaches and clients. Motiva itself extends into a space of fitness rooms and equipment coaches rent to hold classes in providing a safe and consistent space for classes to be held. In the motiva studio, there are iPads that allow for new signups and class checkins.
My Contributions
Designer | TCU Student

Research, Information Architecture,
Visual Design and Testing

Spring 2020
The Problem
It is a challenge for new fitness coaches to establish themselves without having their own brick and mortar establishment. While many have large followings due to social media, they need a consistent way to schedule clients, receive payment, and communicate with classes as a whole.


User Personas

Lo-Fi Prototypes

Motiva extends beyond just a digital app. Lo-Fi screens were developed to organize my ideas and get the design process started. The focus was to incorporate benefits for both the fitness instructor as well as the students. A unique space is also being developed to extend the experience beyond a digital space.

Point of View

“Instructors need a streamlined system to track scheduling,
client communication, and payment while providing a
motivating and community based program to
keep clients accountable."

How might we...

... creating a motivating workout environment to encourage
   individuals to create consistent routines?

... build a better community around working out that keeps
   individuals accountable to their goals?

... provide fitness instructors a streamlined system to
   communicate all necessary details with their clients?

... provide a safe and clean environment allowing
   individuals to workout and feel safe?

Journey Map

The journey map highlights the pain-points users encounter when they are looking for a motivating and invigorating way to workout. Through these pain-points we are able to locate unique opportunities in a scheduling system, a reward system, and a motivating community aspect that will culminate in users feeling more compelled to workout on a regular basis.

Mobile App UI

To begin, we have a mobile app UI to encourage individuals to
connect with communities of like minded individuals who push
each other to workout. The scheduling allows users flexible
options to find their fit.

iPad UI

The sign-in interface if found within the Motiva Studio. It encourages users to set goals and prompts them to discover communities of individuals who are like-minded and will keep each other accountable.This system also focuses on connecting clients and coaches to help clients acheive their unique goals and coaches connect with potential new clients.

Apple Watch UI System

The Apple Watch reminders continue to give the motivational
reinforcement even when away from the studio.
The reminders are both personal, and from the Motiva studio.

Studio Space

A studio that gives users a space to workout. It offers
flexible options to provide diversity and
continue the motivational environment
created by the interfaces.
Designing for both the client and the coach forced me to consider the needs of both parties. Each one wants something streamlined and easy to use but need to have all of their needs met. Coaches need the ability to communicate with all of their clients in a consistent fashion and clients need a sense of community to feel motivated to workout routinely. The emphasis on community and personalization was an interesting focal point when it came to the fitness industry. Initially I assumed clients would want something individualized, however, after research it became apparent that the community building was the essential element to a thriving solution to this problem.